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Which is the second largest district of Pakistan?

Which is the second largest district of Pakistan?

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Districts of Pakistan
Areas Largest: Chagai, Balochistan—44,748 km2 (17,277 sq mi) Smallest: Torghar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa—497 km2 (192 sq mi)
Government District Administration
Subdivisions Tehsils, Union Council

Which is the largest province of Punjab?

The largest cities of Punjab are Lahore and Faisalabad respectively. Faisalabad is the largest industrial city of Punjab. Punjab is also the world’s fifth-most populous subnational entity, and the most populous outside China or India….Punjab, Pakistan.

Punjab پنجاب
Area rank 2nd
Population (2017)
• Total 110,012,442
• Rank 1st

What is the second largest city in Pakistan and the capital of Punjab province?

Lahore, Urdu Lāhawr, second largest city of Pakistan and the capital of Punjab province.

What is the first capital of Pakistan?

Newly-independent Pakistan had chosen Karachi as its capital in 1947. However, a decade later, President Ayub Khan chose to move the capital nearly 1,500 kilometres to the north, to the new city of Islamabad.

Which is most populous city of Punjab?


2017 Rank City 2017 census
1 Lahore 11,126,285
2 Faisalabad 3,204,726
3 Rawalpindi 2,098,231
4 Gujranwala 2,027,001

Which is the largest city in Punjab area wise?


Rank Name District
1 Ludhiana Ludhiana
2 Amritsar Amritsar
3 Jalandhar Jalandhar [4]
4 Patiala Patiala