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When was my son diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes?

When was my son diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes?

Having a child diagnosed with type 1 is a scary and emotional time. I’ve been there twice, and it doesn’t get easier the second time. At the end of 2006, my husband and I were finally getting comfortable with caring for our 12-year-old son who was diagnosed that previous February, when our 6-year-old daughter was diagnosed.

How many kids are living with Type 1 diabetes?

Two of my three children are living with type 1 diabetes, and they have recently had their 10-year “Dia-versary.” For those not familiar with the term, it is an anniversary of the diagnosis of diabetes.

Do you feel guilty if your child has type 1 diabetes?

Parents often feel guilty that they’ve done something to cause this, but parents need to understand it’s nothing they did. Unfortunately, type 1 diabetes is a lifelong condition. Kids and teens with type 1 diabetes will depend on daily insulin shots or an insulin pump to control their blood sugar levels.

Is there a cure for Type 1 diabetes?

There is no prevention for type 1 diabetes, so if your child is diagnosed with the disease, it’s important to understand it is not your fault. Pediatrician Dr. Cindy Gellner discusses the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes as well as treatments to keep it under control.

How old was Josh when he was diagnosed with diabetes?

At 12 years old, Josh was able to mostly take care of himself with our help. Sara, on the other hand, was in kindergarten and needed much more hands-on care. I remember the night I checked Sara’s blood sugar with Josh’s meter when she was showing signs of diabetes.

What kind of doctor should I See for my child with diabetes?

Your treatment team should consist of an endocrinologist, a CDE, a registered dietitian that is competent in children with diabetes, and sometimes a mental health professional. They are all there to help you, so reach out and make appointments when you need them, not just in the beginning.