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What type of alcohol is 3 Methylcyclopentanol?

What type of alcohol is 3 Methylcyclopentanol?

3-Methylcyclohexanol, also known as hexahydro-m-cresol, belongs to the class of organic compounds known as cyclohexanols. Cyclohexanols are compounds containing an alcohol group attached to a cyclohexane ring.

Is 3 Methylcyclopentanol a primary alcohol?

The alcohol group (-OH) in the compound is bonded to a tertiary carbon as the carbon is bonded to three other carbon atom groups. It could be to other noncarbon groups also. The key is that it is bonded to three groups other than hydrogen. So, the type of alcohol is a tertiary alcohol.

What is the actual number of Stereoisomer s for 3 Methylcyclopentanol?

The following four stereoisomers of 3-methycycopentanol are possible: Hope this information will clear your doubts about Chemistry.

What is the boiling point of 3 Methylcyclohexanol?

174 °C
3-Methylcyclohexanol/Boiling point

Can 1-Methylcyclopentanol be oxidized?

1-cyclopentylethanone cannot be oxidized, remaining the orange solution. (e) Sodium metal can be used to distinguish between cyclopentanone and 1-methylcyclopentanol.

What is the condensed structural formula for 1 Methylcyclopentanol?

1-Methylcyclopentanol | C6H12O – PubChem.

What type of alcohol is 2 Methylcyclopentanol?

Mfr: MP Biomedicals, Inc 0522516005

CAS 24070-77-7
Synonym 2-methylcyclopentanol, 2-methyl cyclopentanol, cyclopentanol, 2-methyl, 2-methylcyclopentyl alcohol, cyclopentanol, 2-methyl-, cis, 2-methycyclopentanol, acmc-20ajgt, acmc-1ccvg, 2-methyl-1-cyclopentanol, 2-methylcyclopentanol-1Show More
PubChem CID 32205

How many Stereocenters are there in 2 Methylcyclopentanol?

two chiral centers
2-methylcyclohexanol has two chiral centers.

Is 3 Methylcyclohexanol a tertiary alcohol?

1-Methylcyclohexanol is a tertiary alcohol.

What is the density of 3 Methylcyclohexene?


CAS Min % 88.0
Density 0.8000g/mL
Color Colorless
Boiling Point 104°C
Flash Point -3°C