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What makes air hot or cold?

What makes air hot or cold?

Essentially yes. When air becomes hot it is because it is absorbing energy in the form of heat. The absorbed energy makes the molecules in air move and expand, therefore decreasing the airs density. The opposite is true for cold air.

What is saturated air?

When a volume of air at a given temperature holds the maximum amount of water vapour, the air is said to be saturated. Relative humidity is the water-vapour content of the air relative to its content at saturation.

Which is heavier dry or moist air?

This means that when a given volume of air is made more moist by adding water molecules, heavier molecules are replaced with lighter molecules. Therefore, moist air is lighter than dry air if both are at the same temperature and pressure.

Does steam go up or down?

However water vapor is invisible, whereas steam is visible because it consists of very tiny droplets of liquid water, which are a thousand times heavier than air. They only float up because they’re carried up by the hot air they’re in.