What kind of helmet do you need for moped?

What kind of helmet do you need for moped?

Three-quarter or open face helmets are perfectly legal to use, but while some do offer flip down visors, they just don’t offer the same level of protection as the full faced equivalent. In particular, I would recommend those riding larger engined motor scooters (150cc and above) to opt for a full-face helmet.

Can you wear a bike helmet on a moped?

Under the new law, helmets would only be required for motorized scooter riders who are under the age of 18. Currently, anyone who uses motorized scooters must wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet meeting specific standards. Similarly, a person cannot operate a scooter at a speed of more than 15 miles per hour.

How much does a moped helmet cost?

On average, a motorcycle helmet will run you around $150 to $200 for something a bit above the cheapest model you can find. There are several reasonable helmets in this price range for the rider who wants a decent helmet but is not willing to pay several hundreds of dollars on it.

What is a 3/4 motorcycle helmet?

Open-Face Helmet Coverage The distinguishing feature of a ¾ helmet is the lack of a chin bar, which significantly reduces the safety of the motorcycle helmet.

Should I wear a full-face helmet on a scooter?

We recommend that electric scooter riders opt for full-face helmets because they will provide more protection. However, some people don’t find them comfortable. Always choose a helmet that is comfortable that you will wear 100% of the time.

Do you need a crash helmet for a moped?

Wearing a safety helmet is a legal requirement for moped and motorcycle riders – this includes passengers on a pillion seat, but not those in a sidecar. Your helmet must meet strict standards with regard to its durability and the protection it will offer if you fall off your bike.

What are the requirements for wearing a helmet?


  • All passengers aged 5 and under; bike riders aged 18 and under; and scooter, skateboard and in-line/roller skate riders aged 18 and under are required to wear helmets.
  • Anyone aged 18 years or younger, regardless of religious belief or practice, must legally wear a helmet.

Do DOT helmets expire?

The answer is: Yes, there is. Manufacturers recommend replacement, no matter how it looks, every 7 years from the production date and after 5 years of use. To check when your helmet was manufactured, look inside to find a date stamp.

Are three quarter helmets safe?

The three quarter helmet – These helmets cover the head and ears but not the face. They offer protection from brain trauma in 55.5% of motorcycle crashes. Full face helmets not only offer good head protection they offer greater chin protection, reduced noise levels and no bug to face contact.