What is the difference between folder redirection and roaming profile?

What is the difference between folder redirection and roaming profile?

Roaming User Profiles is used to redirect a user profile to a network location. Folder Redirection enables users and administrators to redirect the path of a known folder to a new location, manually or by using Group Policy.

Should you redirect AppData roaming?

I typically recommend we redirect AppData. IF we see application performance issues, we can use a solution like Citrix Profile Management to allow certain folders to be copied to the local system. This way, we can get the best of both worlds: fast logon and application performance.

What is the advantage of using folder redirection in a group policy?

Both technologies have their advantages, and they can be used separately or together to create a seamless user experience from one computer to another. They also provide additional options for administrators managing user data. Folder Redirection lets administrators redirect the path of a folder to a new location.

What are the advantages of using a roaming profile?

Roaming user profiles have the following advantages: Automatic resource availability. A user’s unique profile is automatically available when he or she logs on to any computer on the network. Users do not need to create a profile on each computer they use on a network.

Should I move AppData?

Unfortunately you cannot move AppData folder to another drive. Moving AppData folder to another drive might cause system stability. AppData or Application data is a hidden folder in Windows 8/8.1. It is to protect user data and settings from any unwanted change or deletion.

Does folder redirection enable offline files?

By default, the Offline Files feature is enabled for redirected folders on Windows client computers, and disabled on Windows Server computers. In the Group Policy Management Editor window, navigate to User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Folder Redirection.

What are the disadvantages of roaming user profiles?

A major drawback of roaming profiles is that they can slow down the network. Windows user profiles often become very large as the user profile data continues to grow. If you have a large roaming profile, the login and logoff times may take a significant amount of time.