What is Girona Spain known for?

What is Girona Spain known for?

Girona is known for its Ciutat Antiga (Old City) and especially its 13th-century Jewish Quarter. Known as the Call, the district is considered to be one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved Jewish quarters. Built on a hill, the Old City is also known for its charming stone stairways.

Does Girona have a beach?

On the Girona coast, you’ll find beaches that are surprisingly untouched and others that delicately balance urbanism and the landscape, along with many that are very popular but never get so crowded you can’t even find a place for your towel.

Why is the Costa Brava called that?

Agulló, a journalist born in Girona, referred to the rugged landscape of the Mediterranean coast which runs from the River Tordera, near Blanes, to Banyuls with the name Costa Brava. Costa is the Catalan and Spanish word for ‘coast’, while Brava means ‘rugged’ or ‘wild’.

What language is spoken in Girona?

that language you see and hear is catalan And, whilst most of those living here will be fluent in Castilian (what we all know as Spanish), in day to day life, in many parts of this diverse country, you will hear something quite different. Girona, deep in the heart of Catalonia, is one such place.

What language is spoken in Girona Spain?


Languages of Catalonia
Official Catalan, Spanish, Aranese
Indigenous Catalan, Aranese
Immigrant Amazigh, American Spanish, Maghrebi Arabic, Romanian, British English, Urdu
Foreign English, French

Can you drink tap water in Girona?

The town of Girona has tap water that contains a high level of bacteria, metals and other contaminants. It is very bad. There are no good tap waters around the world that can be called tap water. Tap water is not potable, so it cannot be used for cooking or showering.

Where is the Costa Brava Airport in Girona?

It is located approximately 12.5 kilometres south west of the city and close to the village of Vilobí d’Onyar in the north east of Catalonia in Spain. The airport is used extensively for passengers travelling to the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees and is well connected to the resorts of Lloret de Mar, l’Estartit and Blanes.

Which is the best place to stay in Girona?

Here are some suggestions. Hotel Carlemany – This 4-star hotel is found just a few minutes walk from the old city. Hotel Ciutat de Girona – Another of our favourites in Girona, the 4 star Hotel Ciutat de Girona is also just a few minutes walk from the old town, and is very close to Plaça de la Independència.

Where does the bus drop off in Girona?

If you are visiting Girona on a day trip, there’s a high chance that your bus will drop you off in the main visitor bus parking area, which is by the river under the railway bridge, and next to Pont de Sant Feliu.

Which is the patron saint of Girona Spain?

Inside, the basilica is home to the tomb of St. Narcissus, patron saint of the city, as well as eight other tombs which date from the 3rd and 4th centuries, and are of Roman and Christian origin, as well as various important Christian artworks.