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What is a transcript in a resume?

What is a transcript in a resume?

An official transcript is a list of the classes taken by a student, along with grades, and GPA (Grade Point Average). A transcript will list all courses and grades received, majors, concentrations, any honors, and any degrees earned by a student. Here’s how to request a copy of your official transcript.

Is attached or has been attached?

Here, “attached” is an adjective. The sentence is, in effect, telling you that in addition to the email there is something ‘extra’ – a list. In (1), in contrast, you have a fully-fledged passive verb. A list has been attached is the passive version of I have attached a list.

Is attached synonym?

Some common synonyms of attach are affix, fasten, and fix. While all these words mean “to make something stay firmly in place,” attach suggests a connecting or uniting by a bond, link, or tie in order to keep things together.

How do you use herewith attached?

If you use herewith, you might say, ‘Attached herewith is my CV’, or ‘I attach my CV herewith’ (herewith meaning ‘with my email’).

Is Please find attached rude?

Even in formal correspondence, your goal should be to communicate in a straightforward, conversational way, free of wordiness or jargon. Please find attached is wordy jargon at its worst. It’s also a bit redundant to say that something is attached and then direct the recipient to please find it.

Is herewith old fashioned?

Use general business words rather than old-fashioned formal words. For example, avoid “above-mentioned” (use “above”); “herewith” and “hereby” (you can normally delete these without changing the meaning of the sentence); and “hitherto” (use “up to now”).