What does T-12 paraplegia stand for in medical terms?

What does T-12 paraplegia stand for in medical terms?

What is t-12 paraplegia. Paraplegic is the term used for someone with Thoracic injury which usually results in paralysis of two limbs. T1-T8 injuries there is more control of hands but poor trunk control due to lack of abdominal muscle control. T9-T12 injuries have good trunk control due to good abdominal muscle control.

When does a case of incomplete paraplegia become complete paraparesis?

On the other hand, a degenerative condition may cause a case of incomplete paraplegia to become complete paraplegia as symptoms progress. When some functionality remains in either leg, it may also be referred to as paraparesis, though there is some debate as to whether it should be referred to as such.

How long does it take for a doctor to diagnose paraplegia?

Instead, it can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to diagnose this condition. Your doctor will need to look at your brain and/or spinal cord to see if there are damaged nerves or tissue that impede the ability of signals to travel to and from the legs. Those tests might include:

How are paraplegics affected by loss of sensation?

Thus, paraplegics not only struggle with movement below the level of injury; they also experience extensive loss of sensation. This sensation loss varies from a feeling of tingling or reduced feeling below the level of injury to a complete inability to feel anything below the level of injury.

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