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What does staking a nut mean?

What does staking a nut mean?

CJ7Taz 09:42 AM Staking a nut is done to keep it from turning and loosening. There are several methods, I wouldn’t use any of them for this application, but suit yourself, it’s a safety issue if the pitman arm nut comes loose. 1. You can center punch in the middle of one or more of the nut faces.

What does a castle nut do?

Castle nuts are nuts that look like crowns or parapets of mid evil castles. These nuts are used together with a bolt and a cotter pin to create a secure nut in place so that it cannot be tightened or loosened.

How tight should the barrel nut be on an ar15?

Top end torque should never be above 40 foot pounds, and the range is more like 23-40 ft-lbs that you should be torqing it to!

How do you put a cotter pin on a castle nut?

How Do Cotter Pins Work?Attach the castle nut to the bolt and fasten it into place.Make a mark on the bolt or leave the castle pin installed.Using a drill and bit, drill a hole into the bolt at this point straight through the cross-section of the bolt. Remove any metal filings from the hole and insert the cotter pin.