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What does a poster session look like?

What does a poster session look like?

Unlike a traditional session, all of the posters are set up at once, and each presenter is expected to stand with their poster for the entirety of the session (typically an hour or two) to answer questions from passers-by. Also, at most conferences more posters are accepted than papers, especially from students.

What is a poster competition?

The Poster Competition is for graduate and undergraduate students interested in high performance computing. This competition enables students to share the results of projects that they have performed, while also engaging in a competition for the best posters.

How do you win a poster?

1) Layout and format must be organized and concisedo not overload your poster with information.think big – choose a large font size and make graphs large enough to read.use no more than 3 different fonts (generally sans serif fonts e.g., Arial for axis labels and title)use italics instead of underlining.