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What causes an ankle fusion to fail?

What causes an ankle fusion to fail?

Ankle arthrodesis remains the gold standard of surgical treatment for advanced ankle joint arthritis. Failure can occur as a result of infection, nonunion or malunion, resulting in pain and poor function.

Can you reverse a subtalar fusion?

DELAYED FUSION REVERSAL Arthroscopic fusion is an excellent way to fuse an ankle without destroying the gutter facets of the ankle joint which improves the success of fusion reversal. This technique is particularly important in patients with end stage ankle arthritis that are under 30 years old.

What do you need to know about subtalar fusion?

What Is Subtalar Fusion? 1 Diagnosis. Those with subtalar problems typically complain of pain along the outer side of the foot just below the ankle. 2 Treatment. Your foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon will discuss your treatment options with you before proceeding with a subtalar fusion. 3 Recovery. 4 Risks and Complications. 5 FAQs. …

Do you really need surgery for the subtalar joint?

Most of the focus is usually on it’s bigger brother, the main tibiotalar joint. However, arthritis in the smaller subtalar joint can cause loads of pain and disability. That pain can lead some patients to consider subtalar fusion. However, do you really need this surgery? Let’s dig in. What Is The Subtalar Joint?

Where is the subtalar joint located in the foot?

What Is Subtalar Fusion? The subtalar joint is located just below the ankle joint between the talus bone and the calcaneus (heel) bone. The main job of the subtalar joint is to allow for side-to-side movement of the foot and ankle. This movement aids in walking, especially on uneven surfaces.

What causes bone spurs in the subtalar joint?

The subtalar joint has cartilage that helps to cushion the joint and when that becomes injured, the joint can become painful and develop bone spurs. The pain is usually felt in the back of the foot on the outside, but it can also be felt on the inside. Normally this is an aching in the area of the joint (below the main ankle joint) after activity.

Do you really need a subtalar fusion surgery?

The subtalar joint is one of the more complex and forgotten joints of the ankle. Subtalar fusion is needed in a few patients, but most who are told they need this invasive surgery can likely avoid it with less invasive care.

What happens to the talus bone during subtalar fusion?

During surgery, this joint between the talus bone above and calcaneus bone below is removed as the joint surfaces are fixed together. The goals of subtalar fusion are to decrease symptoms and allow improved function with less pain. Those with subtalar problems typically complain of pain along the outer side of the foot just below the ankle.

What does CT scan show after failed subtalar fusion?

CT scan shows a nonunion after two open subtalar fusion attempts and misplacement of one screw. I don’t have the images from the first fusion. After report of the patient allograft bone was used in the second operation. Two failed subtalar fusions on the left side.

How long does it take for subtalar joint fusion to heal?

You will need to wear a plaster or fracture boot from your knee to your toes until the joints have fused – usually 8-10 weeks. For the first 8 weeks you should not put any weight on your foot as it may disturb the healing joints. (Occasionally touching your foot to the ground for balance is OK, but no more.)