Our Universe from the Level of View of Some Modern Physical Representations

One of many options of the non-secular lifetime of mankind is that in it a method or one other interacts all ranges of its growth – from archetypal unconscious pictures of mass consciousness to probably the most unbelievable in its novelty concepts, the creators and bearers of that are particular person intellectuals. The dynamics of this interplay, nonetheless, is such that eventually, unique concepts in a single type or one other develop into the property of the bulk, however the pole of the unique archetypes and the pole of superior pondering folks nonetheless stay as everlasting alpha and omega. The pace of the transition of excellent non secular achievements to the lots is dependent upon the character of the epoch, which, in flip, is set by its values, which, after all, does in no way facilitate understanding of the character of our non-secular life.

Attributable to its conservatism, it’s reluctant to alter the present concepts, and subsequently we frequently nonetheless decide actuality in accordance with the physics of I. Newton, that’s, we speak about our world as an enormous pure mechanism that’s topic to the strict rules of determinism. In accordance with these rules, all the things occur based on the legislation of trigger and impact relationships in such a manner that, understanding the state of the system at a given second, it’s doable to foretell its future with certainty, since, because the French mathematician Pierre Laplace expressed this concept, each second of the current is a consequence of the earlier one and the reason for the longer term. Furthermore, the norm of unusual consciousness remains to be the assumption that the world is mirrored in our consciousness as it’s objectively, that’s, independently of us, and we comprehend its unchanging legal guidelines, that we use the forces of nature to remake it by our personal issues and so forth.

On the identical time, the revolution in physics within the late nineteenth century radically modified the state of affairs on this science and the customary manner of seeing the world. The simultaneous look of A. Einstein’s principle of relativity and N. Bohr’s principle of the atom challenged the notion of Newtonian mechanics in regards to the absolute nature of time and area, the strict causation of all bodily phenomena and the opportunity of a goal interpretation of nature. If in classical physics matter was thought of as a conglomerate of particular person indivisible particles, in fashionable physics it was experimentally proven that when two high-energy particles collide, they’re damaged into elements whose dimensions will not be lower than the sizes of the unique particles. As well as, it turned clear that any particle might be reworked into one other, that power might be transformed into particles and vice versa. Within the subatomic world, such acquainted ideas as “elementary particle” or “remoted object” have develop into meaningless. The quantum principle that appeared at the moment declared the basic unity of the Universe. It exhibits that it’s inconceivable to decompose the world into unbiased, tiny elements. Quantum principle makes us take a look at the world not as a set of bodily objects, however as a posh community of relationships between totally different elements of a single entire. It turned clear that the legal guidelines of classical physics are a particular case of the legal guidelines of quantum principle.

To be able to use a few of these provisions within the following, we’ll, on this a part of our work, depend on the texts and provisions of M. Talbot’s guide The Holographic Universe, which examines the views of excellent scientists – the physicist D. Bohm and the physiologist K. Pribram concerning holographic rules of the gadget of the universe and the mind. The conclusions that seem on account of this overview ought to function the premise for the event of our personal drawback.