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Is FluMist less effective than shot?

Is FluMist less effective than shot?

Several studies have shown that FluMist may actually work better than a flu shot. One that compared the two concluded that “live attenuated influenza vaccine was a safe and more effective alternative to inactivated vaccine.”

Is the flu shot or mist better?

Studies show that both the flu shot and nasal spray work. For adults, doctors found that the nasal spray works just as well as the flu shot. In 2009, they found that the nasal spray worked better in children. But later studies didn’t show that it was any more effective than the shot.

How effective is the flu shot 2019 2020?

Flu vaccination can keep you from getting sick with flu. For example, during 2019-2020, flu vaccination prevented an estimated 7.5 million influenza illnesses, 3.7 million influenza-associated medical visits, 105,000 influenza-associated hospitalizations, and 6,300 influenza-associated deaths.

How effective is the flu mist?

Clinical trials compared children ages 2 to 6 years who received FluMist or a placebo. A runny nose or nasal congestion was reported in: between 51% and 58% of children who received FluMist. between 42% and 50% of children who received a flu shot or a placebo.

How long does the flu mist last?

These usually clear up in about one to two days. The nasal spray sometimes causes mild symptoms, including: runny nose, congestion, or cough. headache.

Does the flu shot work this year 2020?

Does the flu shot work? Yes. The flu shot is the most powerful defense we have against seasonal flu. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the flu vaccine prevented an estimated 4 million flu illnesses and 3,500 deaths in the 2018–2019 flu season.

Is the nasal flu vaccine available this year?

It’s cell culture-based and inactivated. FluMist Quadrivalent live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV4) nasal vaccine is available during the 2020-2021 flu season for those eligible.