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Is Baby epilepsy curable?

Is Baby epilepsy curable?

Most children with epilepsy are treated with epilepsy medicines. You might hear these called anti-epileptic drugs or AEDs. The medicine doesn’t cure epilepsy, but aims to stop or reduce the number of seizures your child has.

When do you have 2 or more seizures with no known cause?

But when a person has 2 or more seizures with no known cause, this is diagnosed as epilepsy. There are different types of seizures. The type of seizure depends on which part and how much of the brain is affected and what happens during the seizure.

How is my son Paul doing ten years later?

It has been almost ten years since traumatic brain injury (TBI) crashed into our lives, changing our family forever. People always ask, “How is your son Paul doing now? How are you, your husband, the other kids?

How often can you have a grand mal seizure?

These seizures may occur several times a day. This is also called a drop attack. With an atonic seizure, you have a sudden loss of muscle tone and may fall from a standing position or suddenly drop your head. During the seizure, you will be limp and unresponsive. This is also called grand mal seizure.

What happens when you nod your head during a seizure?

Nodding your head rhythmically, when associated with loss of awareness or loss of consciousness Periods of rapid eye blinking and staring During the seizure, your lips may become tinted blue and your breathing may not be normal. After the seizure, you may be sleepy or confused.

How old was my daughter when she had brain surgery?

In 1998 she had a tumor (cerebral echinococcosis) removed in local hospital (we live in Kazakhstan). She was 8 years old. 9 years later she started to have seizures, multiple per day. Then gradually it went from simple to a grand mals. A week ago she had it at night laying in bed on her abdomen.

How often do you have seizures after brain surgery?

Presumably it is a Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelizl tumor (DNET). Since the diagnose three years ago, the tumor has remained unchagned. He has simple partial seizures approximately once every 10 days and it often happans at night or early in the morning.

When was the last time I had a seizure?

I was dianosed with simple partial seizures about 15 years ago. I never lost consciousness with mine – I would just get a weird feeling inside my head, then the room would start moving and I couldn’t focus on anything.

Can a head injury during birth cause a seizure?

Trauma to the head during, or shortly after birth, can definitely cause seizures. Some of the most common birth injuries and related factors that contribute to development of seizures include: Asphyxia (oxygen deprivation)