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How do you write a resume when returning to the workforce?

How do you write a resume when returning to the workforce?

The key is to highlight your skills and achievements while downplaying any breaks in your professional experience.Start with your contact information, just like any other resume. Provide a career summary just below your contact information. Follow with your professional work experience.

How do you fill gaps in CV?

Here are 6 things you can do to stop CV gaps damaging your chances of landing that grad job.Use a summary statement wisely. Play to your strengths. Don’t hide what you did in your CV gap. List your education before your work experience. If you’re in a CV gap right now – start doing something about it.

What are good jobs for mothers?

6 Great jobs for moms to considerWeb developer. Technology careers are hot these days, but it’s definitely not the most common industry for moms to consider. Medical assistant. Human Resources specialist. Realtor. Graphic designer. Preschool teacher.

What jobs can moms do from home?

Check out these 15 work-at-home jobs for moms and dads:Customer Service Representative.Data Entry Specialist.Recruiting Coordinator.Proofreader.Writer / Blogger.Transcriptionist.Virtual Assistant.Online Teacher / Tutor.