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How do you make a tag list on Tumblr?

How do you make a tag list on Tumblr?

How to Make a Page Tag on Tumblr

  1. Log into your Tumblr account and go to the Dashboard of the page for which you want to create a page tag.
  2. Click “Customize Appearance.”
  3. Click the “Pages” menu, and select “Add a Page.”
  4. Enter the URL for the current tag page on Tumblr.

How do you see all your tags on Tumblr?

Press the “Tab” key while viewing your Tumblr dashboard to display your Tracked Tag list in a pop-up box. Click any tracked tag to open the tagged results page.

What is tag list?

The tag list is a child window that displays a list of predefined “tags.” A tag is simply a short text string of characters, and the name “tag” is used as this feature is commonly used for HTML tags.

How do you add posts to a page on Tumblr?

Create a quick text post in your Tumblr blog by following these steps:

  1. Click the Text Post icon (a capital and lowercase letter A) on your Tumblr dashboard. Tumblr displays the Add a Text Post page.
  2. (Optional) Give your blog post a title in the Title field.
  3. Type the text of your blog post in the Post field.

What is a tag list on Tumblr?

Tumblr-wide Tag Pages A tag page is a dashboard-style view of the posts with a given tag. Following a tag will also inject some posts from that tag into your dashboard, but you can disable this with the Include followed tag posts toggle in your dashboard settings.

How do I manage tags on Tumblr?

Managing Your Followed Tags You can also view and manage all your followed tags by tapping the manage button just above your followed tags on the explore page. To get to the explore page on web, click the compass icon at the top of the dashboard.

How do I tag people in a Tumblr post?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a new post.
  2. Tap or click inside the specific text area in the post editor where you want to type your tag.
  3. Type the @ symbol followed by the first letters of the username of the Tumblr user you want to tag.
  4. When it appears, tap or click the user’s username that you want to tag.

What is add tag?

Tags are descriptive keywords you can add to your video to help viewers find your content. Your video’s title, thumbnail, and description are more important pieces of metadata for your video’s discovery. These main pieces of information help viewers decide which videos to watch.

How do I tag people in Tumblr posts?

How do you put tags on Tumblr posts?

They’re a fine way to keep up with specific topics on Tumblr. The posts there appear in simple reverse-chronological order. To get to a tag page, click the tag on your dashboard or add the tag name to the end of in your browser’s address bar. So if you want to check out the #boba tag, you’d go to

Where do I find the tags on my blog?

On specific posts on your blog. Tags you’ve added to posts will display on your blog, if your blog theme supports them. You can find themes that display tags with each post at Even if a theme doesn’t show post tags, they will still appear in the dashboard and be searchable across Tumblr.

How can I put my Tumblr posts in chronological order?

To display posts in chronological order (older posts on top), add /chrono to the end of the tag URL (i.e. ). To create a page on your blog that links to all your posts with a specific tag: Click “Add a page” in the Pages section of your Customize menu.