Does Thousand Trails still exist?

Does Thousand Trails still exist?

Thousand Trails is one of the largest networks of RV resorts and campgrounds in North America, with over 80 locations in 22 states and British Columbia. We combine the beauty and relaxing atmosphere of a scenic nature preserve with the resort-style amenities and fun events and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

What does a Thousand Trails membership include?

A: Your Thousand Trails Camping Pass entitles you to day use and overnight camping in your recreational vehicle or tent, subject to length of stay restrictions, at all campgrounds in the zone(s) you select. During your stay you enjoy all the same amenities provided to those campers who book at the daily rate.

How many members does Thousand Trails have?

As of 2010, the company claimed to have 130,000 “member families” and over 80 preserves in 22 states and the Canadian province of British Columbia. Members typically pay a one-time membership fee and annual dues to use Thousand Trails campgrounds, which tend to cater to the owners of recreational vehicles.

Is there a Thousand Trails app?

CampUSA™ is the mobile App from Encore & Thousand Trails featured in the App Store under “New Apps We Love”. The new CampUSA app — available on iOS and Android — allows you to quickly research and book your stay at Encore and Thousand Trails RV resorts & campgrounds nationwide.

Did Thousand Trails get bought out?

Privileged Access, a private company based in Frisco, Texas, has acquired Thousand Trails as the first of a series of acquisitions designed to consolidate and transform the membership campground business.

Which Thousand Trails parks are high use?

The Elite Basic Thousand Trails membership is the most popular and most affordable of the upgraded membership options. Elite members have access to all Thousand Trails campgrounds and are allowed to stay longer without time in between reservations.

What is the Thousand Trails Elite membership?

The Elite Basic is the first level of membership upgrade from the Zone Pass. The Elite Basic allows you to camp in Thousand Trails campgrounds for up to 21 nights with no nightly fees, then move directly to another park, without any time out of the TT system.