Can statins cause hepatitis?

Can statins cause hepatitis?

Statins-induced liver injury may cause elevation of transaminases that usually return to normal with holding the medication. In the literature search, we found statin-induced autoimmune hepatitis is being reported in a few cases, and generally, patients respond well to steroids in those cases.

Which statin is safe in liver disease?

These findings favor the safe use of pravastatin in patients with well-compensated chronic liver disease and hypercholesterolemia.

Are statins hepatotoxic?

Clinically significant hepatotoxicity caused by statins remains extremely rare although, as a class, asymptomatic elevations in transaminases less than three times the upper limit of normal (ULN) are common.

Can statins cause abnormal liver function?

Statins cause dose-dependent borderline elevations of liver function tests over time. These elevations are clinically and statistically insignificant and should not deter physicians from prescribing or continuing statins.

Can atorvastatin affect your liver?

Atorvastatin has been associated with liver injury. We reported here two cases of aminotransferases elevation within 12 h of low-dose atorvastatin therapy. Liver functions were fully recovered to the baseline level 11 days after discontinuation of atorvastatin treatment.

Can you take statin with liver disease?

However, recent data, along with an assessment of statin safety by the Liver Expert Panel, suggest that statins are generally well tolerated in patients with chronic liver disease such as NAFLD, primary biliary cirrhosis, and hepatitis C virus.

Is atorvastatin bad for liver?

Of all statins, simvastatin and atorvastatin are responsible for most reported incidents of liver damage, but this is likely just due to the fact that they are prescribed the most. The Spanish Hepatotoxicity Registry identified 858 cases of drug-induce liver injury.

Which statin has less side effects?

In the analysis of 135 previous studies, which included nearly 250,000 people combined, researchers found that the drugs simvastatin (Zocor) and pravastatin (Pravachol) had the fewest side effects in this class of medications. They also found that lower doses produced fewer side effects in general.

Are there any drugs that can cause hepatitis?

This can make you more likely to get liver damage. Some drugs can cause hepatitis with small doses, even if the liver breakdown system is normal. Large doses of many medicines can damage a normal liver. Many different drugs can cause drug-induced hepatitis.

What kind of Medicine is used to treat hepatitis?

Anabolic steroids, man-made medicines that are like the male sex hormone testosterone; Some medicines used to treat bacterial infections (antibiotics) Birth control pills (oral contraceptives) Statins, used to lower cholesterol; Sulfa medicines, a type of antibiotic; Anti-epileptic medicines

What kind of drugs can cause liver damage?

Large doses of many medicines can damage a normal liver. Many different drugs can cause drug-induced hepatitis. Painkillers and fever reducers that contain acetaminophen are a common cause of liver injury, particularly when taken in doses greater than those recommended.

What kind of drugs are used to treat cholesterol?

Current dogma stipulates cholesterol testing and treatment for young adults and even children. The drugs that doctors use to treat the new disease are called statins–sold under a variety of names including Lipitor (atorvastatin), Zocor (simvastatin), Mevacor (lovastatin) and Pravachol (pravastatin).